When is a CP12 Gas Safety Certificate Required?

By | 13th April 2017

The gas safety certificate, also known as a CP12, is a legal requirement in any rented property. This gas certificate is obtained via an annual inspection, and is designed to certify that the appliances are in good working order and safe to use. Landlords and tenants alike should be aware of their rights and responsibilities, so if you’re wondering ‘do I need a gas safety certificate’, here’s what you need to know.

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Does your property need a gas certificate?

If you let out all or part of a building that you own, or manage on behalf of someone else, it is your responsibility to arrange an annual gas safety inspection. This inspection will check all appliances for safety, and will ensure everyone in the property is safe from harm. It’s not just regular landlords who need a gas safety certificate though; you will also need one if you are responsible for:

  • A hotel, B&B, guest house or hostel
  • A college or university with student accommodation
  • A boarding school
  • A holiday let, such as an Airbnb property
  • A caravan, mobile home or other temporary accommodation that you rent out

You are also liable for carrying out a gas safety check if you have anyone living with you who pays for their room, or even for ‘payment in kind’, for example:

  • Domestic staff and au pairs who live with you rent free as part of their remuneration
  • An adult child who pays rent to live with you
  • A lodger, who pays you rent

If you are a tenant yourself but sub-let part of the property to another person, you are NOT responsible for the gas safety inspection. It is the original landlord who should make arrangements and pay the fee for your CP12 gas safety certificate.

Engineer Safety Checking Gas Boiler with a message that Gas Appliances should be checked annually

Gas Appliances should be checked annually

Any property in the UK can ask for a gas safety check, so if you’re concerned about the safety of your gas appliances or supply, this can be a good way to put your mind at rest. A generic gas inspection will not usually result in a CP12 being generated, as you don’t legally need to have it. However, if you think you might need it in the future, or would just like one for your records, you can always request it.

Are you a tenant?

If you are a tenant wondering ‘do I need a gas safety certificate’, the answer is almost certainly ‘yes’. If you know you are a tenant, and you have someone who is your landlord or a managing agent looking after your home, you should be getting a gas safety inspection once a year. However, for some people, knowing if they are really a tenant or not is not so straightforward.

Here are the main categories of residents who should be in receipt of a gas certificate, or should at least be able to see one on request:

  • Tenants: Tenants who are renting privately and those who are renting from a housing association, local authority or other social housing provider should all be provided with a new gas certificate once a year.
  • Family renters: If you are renting a house from your family, or even staying in a room at their house and paying for it, you still need a gas safety certificate.
  • Students: If you are living in student accommodation, in halls of residence that belong to your university or college, or are renting a room from friends or family to be close to school, your property is liable for an annual gas safety inspection.
  • Short term renters: If you are renting a house for a shorter term (less than 28 days), even thorough sites like Airbnb, there should be a gas certificate for the property on display somewhere.
  • Holidaymakers: If you’re staying in a holiday rental, hotel, B&B, caravan or any other type of holiday accommodation, the property should have a gas safety certificate which is current for this year.

If your landlord or property owner does not have a current CP12 gas safety certificate, your health and safety could be in danger. Ask them when the last gas safety inspection was carried out, and if their response is not satisfactory, contact the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for support.

Check the engineer’s Gas Safe ID to ensure they are genuine and qualified


Do you need a gas safety certificate if you are selling a house?

You are not obliged to provide a gas certificate if you are selling a house. You are not a landlord and you are not going to be responsible for the people who are moving into the house. You may be asked to provide information on the central heating system in the property, including when you last had it serviced, but providing a physical CP12 certificate is not necessary.

Of course, if you think a gas safety certificate when selling a house would help you close the deal, you may want to meet the relatively low cost of the gas safety check. However, there is no legal requirement to have this procedure done, so the choice really is yours.