Getting a Gas Safety Certificate in Sheffield

By | 1st June 2018

Are you confident that you know enough about the gas safety certificate ?

As a city, Sheffield has a relatively high number of people living in rented properties. Around 14 per cent of the housing is privately rented, and a further 24 per cent is rented from either the council or housing association.

As a tenant, you should expect your landlord to provide a safe place to live, and not to put your family at risk. One way in which this can be done is by conducting an annual gas safety check on the property and any gas appliances provided. Despite the risk of hefty fines, many landlords are still failing in this duty, leaving an estimated 37 per cent of tenants living in a home without a current gas safety certificate.

Over the past five years, rental costs in Sheffield have risen by 16 per cent. The average cost of renting in the city now stands at £579, up £80 from prices in 2012. There is variation at district level, with prices significantly higher in the Peak District National Park area, where rents average £779 a month. The cheapest areas are Stockbridge and Deepcar, where the rents are just £490.

Do you need a gas safety certificate in Sheffield?

Statistics show that, of the properties receiving a Gas Safety Check last year, one in six homes in Sheffield were found to contain unsafe appliances. In the S2 postcode alone, around Park Grange, 357 appliances have been deemed unsafe, which would have left those householders at risk if they hadn’t received their annual Gas Safety Check.

You may think that with modern appliances and boilers in your home there would be little risk of anything happening, but that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, the Carbon Monoxide and Gas Safety Society state that around 40 people per year die unnecessarily of CO poisoning, many due to faulty appliances in the home.

If you’re a landlord or rent out part of your home, you almost certainly need a gas safety certificate in Sheffield. This includes if you have:

  • A hotel, guest house or hostel
  • Student accommodation
  • A mobile home or caravan that you rent out
  • Holiday lets or a room you rent on Airbnb

You could even be required to provide a gas safety certificate in Sheffield if you have an adult child living with you who pays for their room, or a nanny or au pair who lives with you. For more information, see our page on who needs to get a Gas Safety Certificate.

How to get a gas safety certificate in Sheffield

Getting your gas safety check done is simple. Any Gas Safe registered engineer can check your appliances and issue a CP12 Gas Safety Certificate. If you already work with a particular company for boiler maintenance and servicing, they will undoubtedly be able to help, or you can look up local providers using the Gas Safe Register.

The standard penalty for not doing a gas safety check is £6,000 per appliance and / or six months imprisonment. If a landlord fails to do the gas safety check and someone is injured or dies, the consequences can be much worse. There’s no excuse for not doing this simple annual check, so whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, insist on gas safety.