Getting a Gas Safety Certificate in Manchester

By | 1st June 2018

If you’re confused about the CP12 gas safety certificate, here’s what you need to know.

Greater Manchester has one of the highest rates of rentals in the UK, with owner occupation dropping from 72 per cent in 2003 to just 58 per cent this year. In contrast, the number of people renting privately in the city rose from just 6 per cent in 2003 to 20 per cent this year.

Whether you live in a budget friendly flat or an expansive family home, you have the same rights to expect your landlord to take care of you. Your home should be safe, healthy and suitable to live in, including the provision of the annual Gas Safety Check.

Rental prices in Manchester are soaring too, with analysis showing rises of around 22.4 per cent in the past 12 months alone. This is the second highest price jump in the UK, just behind Westminster in London at 28.4 per cent. On average, rents across the city stand at £550 per month, although there is quite a difference between areas. Trafford tops the list as the most expensive place to rent, coming in at £750 per month for the average property. Wigan and Rochdale sit at the other end of the scale with average rents at just £450.

How important are gas safety certificates in Manchester?

In the largely residential area containing the M40 postcode, around Moston, 359 appliances have been found to be unsafe during a gas safety inspection. In fact, according to the Gas Safe Register, one in seven homes around Manchester fail their gas safety check, due to faulty or poorly maintained appliances.

Without a gas safety check, these householders would never know they were living with a ticking timebomb. Unsafe appliances can leak dangerous carbon monoxide (CO) into the home, which can cause headaches, sickness and even death. Your landlord has a legal obligation to complete a gas safety check every year, and if they fail in this duty they could be liable for a hefty fine or even imprisonment.

Do you need a gas safety certificate in Manchester?

If you’re renting a house or part of one to someone else, chances are you do need to get an annual gas safety check. This includes if you:

  • Rent a room to a student
  • Have an adult child living with you who pays rent
  • Rent your home on Airbnb
  • Run a hotel or guest house
  • Rent out your caravan or mobile home

There are so many situations where you will need to ensure an annual gas safety check is performed, so it’s important to understand your responsibilities as a property owner. You can find out more on our page about who needs to get a Gas Safety Certificate.

Getting a gas safety certificate in Manchester

Arranging to have your gas safety check done is easy, so there really is no excuse. Simply contact a local Gas Safe registered engineer or use the Gas Safe Register to find local people who are qualified to issue the certificate. Under new rules you can now arrange your check up to two months before the expiry date of the old one, and still preserve the annual renewal date for next year.

If you are a tenant and your home hasn’t been checked, you are within your rights to request a gas safety check from your landlord. If they still fail to comply, you can contact the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for further support.