How to Get a Gas Safety Certificate in London

By | 1st June 2018

What do you need to know about the CP12 gas safety certificate in London?

London is tipped to become a city of renters, with a predicted 60 per cent of residents expected to be living in rented accommodation by 2025. Right now, London is home to almost a fifth of the UK’s rental properties and is by far the most expensive place to rent with average payments coming in at around £1,277 a month.

Despite the soaring rents, tenants in London have plenty in common with tenants in other parts of the UK, or at least they should expect to. Certain standards of living must be adhered to, including the application of an annual Gas Safety Check.

Camden, Kensington and Westminster remain the most expensive places in the capital to rent a home, whereas Newham and Haringey are the cheapest inner London boroughs. Families in particular have to fork out large amounts for their rent, with three bed homes setting them back from £1,600 a month in Lewisham to a staggering £5,417 in Kensington and Chelsea.

One in six homes is at risk

According to the Gas Safe Register, one in six homes which were Gas Safety Checked last year in London were found to have faulty appliances. These ranged from blocked flues to problems with cookers and boilers, which would not have been detected unless a safety check was carried out.

Faulty appliances could case a leak of CO (carbon monoxide) into your home. This gas is colourless, it doesn’t smell and is incredibly difficult to detect. Exposure can lead to blindness, deafness, poisoning, and eventually death.

An annual gas safety check is designed to minimise the likelihood of something disastrous happening, and it is a legal requirement for your landlord to carry it out. If you don’t think it’s been done recently and are worried, you can contact your Borough Council for support, or get in touch with the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Do you need a CP12 gas safety certificate in London?

If you think you could be classed as a landlord, you are legally obliged to arrange an annual gas safety check of your property. This includes if you are:

  • Renting a room to a student
  • Letting out all or part of your property via Airbnb or similar
  • Providing accommodation for an adult child who pays to stay with you
  • Running a guest house or bed and breakfast
  • Renting out your caravan or mobile home to holidaymakers

There are many other situations where you would be classed as a landlord and therefore should have a gas safety check each year. For more information, see our page on who needs a gas safety certificate.

How to get a gas safety certificate in London

Getting your gas safety check done is not difficult or expensive. Any Gas Safe registered engineer can issue your CP12 certificate, and can ensure your property is safe and healthy for your tenants to live in. You can use the Gas Safe Register to find a local engineer, which is searchable by postcode to make it even easier.

The engineer will inspect appliances, flues and pipework, and will test for pressure, gas leaks, CO leaks and ensure all safety devices are functioning properly. Once they are satisfied, they will issue your CP12 gas safety certificate right away. You must provide a copy of this to your tenants within 28 days.

Under the new rules, you can arrange for your inspection to take place up to two months before the old certificate expires, keeping the data or renewal intact. You can also delay testing of new appliances to bring them in line with the rest of the property, saving you money and hassle in the process. With all this added flexibility, there really is no excuse for not having this simple, lifesaving check done every year.