Getting a Gas Safety Certificate in Liverpool

By | 1st June 2018

Living in Liverpool? Tenant or landlord? Here’s what you need to know about the CP12 gas safety certificate.

In the city of Liverpool, almost 22 per cent of residents rent their homes, a significantly higher proportion than the average for England at 15.4 per cent. On top of this, a further 28 per cent live in social housing, giving Liverpool one of the lowest rates of owner occupation in England.

As a landlord in Liverpool, your obligations are no different to those anywhere else in the country. A tenant should expect a safe, healthy place to live, which means as a landlord you should be providing a Gas Safety Certificate an annual basis. Despite the widespread publicity around this requirement, as well as the hefty fines in place for noncompliance, it is still estimated that around 37 per cent of tenants are living in properties without a current Gas Safety Certificate.

Rents in Liverpool vary by area, with the most expensive postcode found around Lime Street, where two bed properties average £909 a month to rent. Rock Ferry area has the cheapest two bed rentals, averaging just £441 per month.

Rents are on the increase too, with burgeoning numbers of students and young professionals driving demand for these properties. According to the Times, Liverpool is ranked second on a list of the top places for rental yields in the UK, making the city an attractive spot for investors to buy property.

Why should you insist on a Gas Safety Certificate in Liverpool?

According to the Gas Safe website, one in seven homes in Liverpool which were Gas Safety Checked last year were found to have unsafe appliances. In the L4 area, around Anfield and Goodison Park, 335 appliances were found to be unsafe by gas engineers, meaning those people would have been at risk of illness or even death had they not had their inspection completed.

It is your landlord’s responsibility to comply with the Gas Safety Regulations 1998, which say that:

  • An annual gas safety inspection must be carried out
  • The check must be done by a registered Gas Safe engineer
  • The CP12 (gas safety certificate) must be provided to you, the tenant, within 28 days
  • The landlord must service and maintain all gas appliances
  • The landlord must provide smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and ensure they are in working order

If you don’t feel that your landlord is complying with these rules, you can contact Liverpool City Council’s Public Protection Enforcement Team to report your landlord confidentially, or you can talk to the national Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for support.

Are you a landlord?

If you are renting a property, or part of it, to a third party, you may well require a CP12 gas safety certificate in Liverpool. This includes letting a room on Airbnb, renting space to students, letting out a caravan or mobile home as well as having an adult child living with you who pays rent.

Getting your gas safety certificate is easy; simply look up a local Gas Safe engineer on the Gas Safe Register, and they’ll be pleased to book in and check all the appliances for you. Failing to comply could result in six months in prison and a fine of £6,000 per appliance, or worse if someone ends up hurt. Find out more about your responsibilities on our page about landlords legal duty under the CP12 gas safety certificate.