Getting a gas safety certificate in Leeds

By | 1st June 2018

Landlord or tenant in Leeds? Get to know about the gas safety certificate.

As with many major UK cities, a big proportion of Leeds residents are renting their homes. With a large student population as well as a relatively young demographic, the numbers of people renting is increasing year on year, as the number of owner occupiers dwindles.

Whether you’re living in a family house in the suburbs or a studio apartment in the heart of the city, your rights as a tenant are the same. One of the most important things to be aware of as a tenant in Leeds is the annual Gas Safety Check. These checks save lives, but despite the relatively inexpensive nature of getting them done, an estimated 41 per cent of tenants are currently living in a house without a current certificate.

Estimates are that almost 20 per dent of Leeds’s residents live in privately rented homes, a total of around 65,000 households. The cost of rentals is on the rise too, although Leeds is still great value compared to some parts of the country. A one bedroom flat in the city centre costs on average £687 per month, whereas a larger flat outside of the city can be snapped up often for under £900.

Do you have a Gas Safety Certificate for your home in Leeds?

According to the Gas Safe Register, of those homes which were inspected last year in Leeds, one in six were found to have unsafe appliances. In the city centre alone, gas inspectors discovered eight unsafe boilers and two unsafe cookers, and in the Holbeck area 275 unsafe appliances were discovered and dealt with.

Without the annual Gas Safety Check, landlords and tenants would never know anything was wrong, risking the health and safety of the people living in the house. Around 40 people per year die from carbon monoxide inhalation, a figure which the gas safety certificate endeavours to drive down. If you’re a tenant living in a rented property in Leeds, and you don’t have a current Gas Safety Certificate (CP12), Leeds City Council can support you with taking action.

How can landlords get a gas safety certificate in Leeds?

If you’re renting out a property, running a guest house, hiring out your mobile home or otherwise taking payment for people to stay in your property, you must conduct an annual gas safety check. Failing to do so could risk a fine of £6,000 per appliance and up to six months imprisonment. However, if you don’t have a safety check and someone gets hurt in your property, the consequences could be much worse.

Getting a gas safety certificate in Leeds is simple. Using the Gas Safe Register, you can search for a local engineer using your postcode and can contact hem to arrange to have the check completed. They will need access to the property, so you should inform your tenant(s) as soon as possible so they can grant permission for entry.

The engineer will check all your appliances, flues and pipework to ensure they are safe to use. As long as everything passes, they will issue your CP12 certificate which you must give a copy to your tenant within 28 days. Current rules state that you should keep the past two certificates at all times, but it’s good practice to keep all your gas safety paperwork for as long as possible in case there is any query further down the line.