Getting a Gas Safety Certificate in Glasgow

By | 1st June 2018

Understanding the gas safety certificate is crucial for all landlords in Glasgow.

The Scottish private rented market is growing at a rapid rate. In the last ten years alone, private rentals have grown from nine per cent of the population to 15 per cent, but in some areas it’s significantly higher than that. Glasgow is one such area, where the number of renters has now outgrown the number of owner occupiers, at 56 per cent and 44 per cent respectively.

People renting properties in Glasgow tend to live in flats (67 per cent) and are often of a younger demographic. 41 per cent of private renters in the city have had their address for less than a year, demonstrating just how mobile this sector can be. If you’re new to your privately rented home, you should have been shown a copy of your Gas Safety Certificate when you let the property. If you haven’t you and your family could be in danger.

Rental prices in the city are on the up too, with a recorded price rise of 7 per cent in Greater Glasgow last year. Average rents by the end of 2017 were the second highest in Scotland, at £745, with almost half of the available rentals being made up of two-bedroom properties.

The importance of Gas Safety Certificates in Glasgow

Figures from the Gas Safe Register show that one in five homes which had a gas safety inspection last year were found to have unsafe appliances. Without the annual safety inspection, those families may never have known that something was wrong, which could have ended in disaster. Carbon monoxide cannot be seen or smelt, and inhalation can make residents incredibly sick and can even be fatal.

The gas safety check is designed as an early warning system, seeking out faults and issues with appliances before they start leaking carbon monoxide or otherwise malfunctioning. During your gas safety check, an engineer will check for:

  • Gas leaks
  • Leaks of carbon monoxide
  • Blockages in the flue
  • Functioning of safety devices
  • Pressure checks
  • Stability checks

They will do all these checks on each appliance in the home, as well as on the gas meter itself. If everything passes, they will issue the gas safety certificate right away, but will probably post it to your landlord. You should, however, receive a copy of your own within 28 days. Having a gas safety check is nothing to worry about, so it’s important you do what you can to allow the engineer access to your home to conduct it. It could save your life.

How can landlords get a gas safety certificate in Glasgow?

If you’re a landlord renting out a property in Glasgow, you must ensure you get an annual gas safety check done on the property. Any Gas Safe registered engineer can issue your gas safety certificate in Glasgow, so simply search for your local providers and make arrangements to have it done.

Under the new rules, you can arrange the inspection for up to two months prior to the date of expiry, while still maintaining the renewal date. You can also delay the inspection of newly installed appliances for up to two months, to bring them in line with the rest of the property. This additional flexibility is designed to make it even easier for landlords to get their gas safety certificate in Glasgow, so there really is no excuse.