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Renting Student Digs? Make Sure They Have a Gas Safety Certificate

Figures from the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that around 14 people every year die from carbon monoxide poisoning. At this time of year, when many students are searching for new accommodation, knowing how to keep yourself safe is crucial if you want to avoid becoming another statistic. Most landlords running student properties… Read More »

The Gas Safety certificate in Bristol

The private rented market in Bristol is a rapidly growing segment. In fifteen years this market has grown from just 12 per cent to the current level of 29 per cent of all accommodation in the city. There is now more privately rented property than there is social, with much of the accommodation concentrated in… Read More »

Getting a gas safety certificate in Leeds

As with many major UK cities, a big proportion of Leeds residents are renting their homes. With a large student population as well as a relatively young demographic, the numbers of people renting is increasing year on year, as the number of owner occupiers dwindles. Whether you’re living in a family house in the suburbs… Read More »